Valeras Video Editing Comissions

I’m taking Video Editing Comissions for Youtube, Twitch & so on

Hey everyone,

I’m now open for video editing commissions. You need content for your Youtube or Twitch channel? Be it for video games, anime or other topics. I’d gladly work on them for you. Besides just the raw editing part, I love making things visually interesting to give a good experience to the viewer. This includes things like animated elements or fancy transitions shown in my video for example.

Furthermore if you happen to need an editor for your NSFW projects. No problem! I will gladly work with different angles or sound to spice up your artwork or personal art commissions.

You will profit from my professional experience working as a freelance film editor on all kinds of formats like: image films, online web-series, documentaries, news and tutorials.

My prefered editing software is Davinci and Premiere Pro in combination with After Effects, along with Audition for sound related issues.

Get your professional video now!

I’m ready to help you to reach next level.

And how could this whole thing work?

1. Get in touch

Use the contact form and describe in a few words your project planned.

2. Your vision

We talk about your vision more in person and make a plan using Discord or any similar platform.

3. Advance payment

Once we come to an agreement, you would transfer an agreed upon amount to my Paypal.

4. Be in the know

You get a link to a site where you can see your placement in the que and what the status of your commission is at all times.

5. Your feedback

When I finish a rough edit of your commission, I will gather feedback from you for possible changes.

6. The final product

We look together over the result of my work. If there is still some small changes to do I’ll be on it. My final goal is to see you happy with my work.

You have any other questions? Just send me a message. I’m looking forward to working with you.